Toby and Friends Children Stories

One of the best ways to help pre-schoolers learn to read is to read Tobybooks children stories aloud to them. Whether you use your finger to point to the line you are reading so that the children can follow along or you read out loud, both strengthen their early learning skills.

At we believe that it is still much better for anyone to experience reading a book by holding an actual hard copy in your hand, rather than reading it in digital format. Although we believe this, we also know that having children’s books available in digital format can be convenient. It is for that reason that all the Toby and Friends first reader books are available in digital format as well as a softcover.

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Larry-Lorry is a very busy little delivery truck. He delivers valuable cargo from Kalk Bay Harbour to Cape Town. When Larry-Lorry gets stuck in the mud after some heavy rain, he realizes that he could lose his reputation of always being on time – the one thing that Larry-Lorry is very proud of. Will he be able to be rescued in time? Will his friends realize that they will only be able to help him if they work together as a team?


Toby, being a young little Tugboat, gets distracted very easily. He and Maggie were in the middle of a race – when he suddenly lost all interest in racing and stopped. Maggie soon realizes that she is racing on her own and decides to give it up and go have a look what Toby is up to. What do you’ think it is that Toby has found?


Is being far out on the Ocean, in the darkness, all alone… the place for a young Tugboat? Toby realizes that this is his job – the moment that he has been waiting for, for a very long time. A call on the radio lets Toby know that Maggie is back from her trip, and that he must go and bring her safely into the harbour. Will he get scared? Will he forget the good advice that Mr. Heavy the Harbour Crane gave him…?


In this first reader book, Toby learns a very important lesson. He gets a new shiny bell installed and he begins to show his friends. He boasts and says that his bell is the best ever, and everyone will like him because of his new shiny bell. Through this story Toby discovers that it does not work that way in life. Real friends like you for who you are and not for what you have…


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