About Tobybooks

Who Are Toby And Friends?


Kids love the characters portrayed in the Tobybooks  – each one different and interesting in his or her own way. Which of these characters is your child’s favourite? Have you ever heard of the little harbour of Kalk Bay? Have you ever heard of Toby The Big Little Tugboat? Before you realize – as you read the books with your child – Toby and Friends will become like family. Let’s Get Started.

When Did TobyBooks Start?

Tobybooks-about-us-page-Kalk-Bay Harbour

Toby Book’s story begins in 2005, in a small town of Knysna South Africa. A man walks on the pier and stands watching a little tugboat that someone had built, sailing around the harbour. He was stunned at how small it was. Once home, he began creating the children’s books characters and stories of a little tugboat named Toby that lives in Kalk Bay harbour… That man, was Leo Donaldson

What Do Toby And Friends Do?


Toby is a real friend. Inspired by his adventures in the colourful children’s books, your child can live out their own Toby stories through play. Each of the Toby first reader books contain good morals and lessons. Children learn to grasp important life lessons and problem solving, while having fun. Through their friendship with Toby and friends, you may witness growth in physical, social and cognitive development.

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