Embark on the Story Behind TobyBooks

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When Did TobyBooks Start?

In 2005, the journey of TobyBooks set sail in the quaint town of Knysna, South Africa. The inception was sparked by a moment of wonder on a pier, where a man observed a charmingly small tugboat, barely large enough to be piloted by one man, gracefully navigating the harbour. Intrigued by the idea, he couldn’t resist the inspiration that tugged at his imagination.

Returning home, that man, Leo Donaldson, brought Toby and his friends to life—creating not just children’s books but an entire world of characters and tales centered around a little tugboat named Toby residing in Kalk Bay harbor.

At the heart of TobyBooks is Leo Donaldson, a visionary captivated by the magic of storytelling. From that initial moment of fascination to the creation of cherished characters, each book reflects Leo’s passion for nurturing young minds through the enchanting adventures of Toby. Join us as we continue this voyage, crafting tales that inspire, entertain, and spark the joy of reading in the hearts of children and their parents.

Welcome to the world of TobyBooks!

Meet Toby and His Lively Crew!

Each of the Toby book characters are different and interesting in his or her own way.

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Toby: The Little Tugboat with a Big Heart.

Toby is the spirited youngster of the bunch, always bubbling with bright ideas. Though his enthusiasm sometimes gets the better of him, Toby’s adventures teach him valuable lessons in kindness, self-control, and respect. Join Toby as he navigates the exciting waters of learning and growing.

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Maggie: The Responsible Older Sister.

Maggie, the group’s gentle disciplinarian, is like the older sister keeping everyone in check. Unfortunately, she often finds herself at the centre of Toby’s mischievous pranks, but her laughter is just as infectious as her reminders about manners.

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Larry-Lorry: The Bashful Truck.

Larry-Lorry, the shy and tender truck, wears his heart on his sleeve and never hesitates to show kindness. Born with a stutter, Larry-Lorry is a testament to the beauty of embracing one’s unique qualities.

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Mr. Heavy: The Wise Father Figure.

Mr. Heavy is the wise father figure who balances fun with responsibility. With a penchant for advice, he ensures the group enjoys themselves safely. His watchful eye keeps the friends secure in their daily adventures.

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Mr. Brightly: The Centuries-Old Lighthouse.

Mr. Brightly, the ancient lighthouse, stands proudly at the harbour’s entrance. Speaking like a pirate from centuries past, he reminisces about the good old pirate days when tall ships sailed into the port.

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Professor MikeGull: The Wise-cracking Seagull.

Professor MikeGull, the witty seagull, adds a touch of humor and wisdom to every tale. Known for his educational insights and a good sense of humor, MikeGull makes sure there’s always a lesson woven into the fun.

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Andy: The Prankster Aeroplane.

Meet Andy, the playful aeroplane famous for his sightseeing trips over Cape Town. With a mischievous streak, he enjoys giving everyone a thrilling surprise, especially Maggie.

Skittle and Skant: The Naive Twin Sailboats.

Twins Skittle and Skant, the adorable sailboats, are a bit naive but ever eager to join in the fun. The group includes them in every game and activity, showcasing the beauty of friendship and inclusion.

Join us in the enchanting world of TobyBooks, where each character brings a unique charm to the stories, blending laughter, life lessons, and the joy of discovery!

Navigating Life's Adventures with TobyBooks

At the helm of TobyBooks, I, Leo Donaldson, set sail with a simple mission—to infuse each tale with life lessons, good values, and the sheer enjoyment of life. Through Toby and his lively crew, we embark on adventures that transcend the pages, aiming to nurture young minds with laughter, wisdom, and the spirit of exploration. Life is a grand journey, and with every turn of the page, I invite you and your little ones to join us in the joyous voyage of learning, growing, and savoring the magic that stories bring. Here’s to the boundless wonders that unfold in the world of TobyBooks!

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