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Toby Books: Where Learning is Fun and Little Minds Soar and Learn!

Embark on Adventures of Imagination and Wisdom with Tobybooks

Discover the magic of childhood learning with Tobybooks.com Immerse your little ones in the heartwarming tales of Toby The Big Little Tugboat and his lovable friends. Our storybooks are crafted for preschool children aged 3–6 years. Blending adventure and life lessons, making learning a joyous journey. Toby’s whimsical escapades promise hours of enchantment, sparking imagination and imparting family values and life lessons. Whether it’s a solo adventure or a collection to treasure, each of the Toby books is a delightful voyage into the world of early learning. 

Toby's Big Surprise: A Book About Friendship

Toby’s Big Surprise unfolds in this charming bedtime tale for little ones. Toby, the spirited tugboat, excitedly flaunts his shiny new bell to friends, convinced it’s the key to popularity. But, in a heartwarming twist, our dear Toby learns a valuable lesson about true friendship. Join the adventure as Toby discovers that real pals cherish you for being you, not just for your shiny bell. It’s a delightful journey for both kids and parents, teaching that the best treasures are the bonds we share. Get ready for bedtime smiles and sweet dreams with Toby’s Big Surprise. 🚢📚✨

Toby To The Rescue: A Book About Helping Others

Toby to the Rescue sails into another delightful bedtime story! Larry-Lorry, the bustling delivery truck, faces a sticky situation when mud interrupts his punctual deliveries. Worried about his on-time reputation, Larry-Lorry discovers the power of teamwork and friendship. Can he be rescued before his schedule takes a hit? Join the adventure as Larry-Lorry and friends navigate challenges, teaching little ones the strength of collaboration. It’s not just a tale about wheels and mud—it’s a bedtime lesson about helping each other and the joy of teamwork. Get ready for bedtime tales that transport your little one to a world of fun and wisdom! 🚚📖✨

Toby Makes A New Friend: A Book About Making New Friends

Toby Makes a New Friend sets sail on a playful escapade! Our young tugboat, Toby, easily sidetracked during a race with Maggie, stumbles upon something intriguing. Maggie, puzzled by Toby’s sudden halt, abandons the race to join in the discovery. What has caught Toby’s attention? It’s a tale of curiosity, unexpected friendships, and the joy of exploration. Join Toby and Maggie on this whimsical journey, teaching young hearts that sometimes the best adventures come when we pause to discover the wonders around us. 🚢📚😊

Toby Learns A Lesson: A Book About Listening to Advice

Toby Learns a Lesson takes your little ones on a nighttime maritime adventure! Our young tugboat, Toby, faces the vast ocean alone, discovering that this is the moment he’s been training for. When a call on the radio signals trouble for his friend Maggie, Toby must summon courage and remember the wise words of Mr. Heavy, the Harbor Crane. Will he conquer fear and bring Maggie safely to harbor? Join Toby in this easy-to-read bedtime story, where bravery, friendship, and valuable lessons navigate the waves of imagination for your young sailor. 🌊🚢📖✨

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Toby's ABC Preschool Activity Workbook

Dive into Fun with Toby’s ABC Preschool Activity Workbook. Packed with exciting exercises, this book turns learning into an adventure for little ones. From tracing exercises to number drills and basic math concepts, each activity is a stepping stone for fine motor skill development, pen control, and hand-eye coordination.

But wait, there’s more! Every second page features a witty comment, joke, or fascinating fact from Professor Mikegull. Guaranteed to sprinkle laughter into your learning journey, Toby’s ABC Workbook is not just educational—it’s a delightful companion for you and your child. Let the laughter and learning begin! 🎨📘😄

Discover the Joy of Preschool Activities

Nurture your child’s development and imagination with engaging preschool activities. Our carefully designed activities for 3–6-year-olds offer more than just fun—they foster learning and growth through play, exploration, and creativity.

Dive into exciting adventures with our activity packs! From storytime and sensory play to simple science experiments, each activity is crafted to inspire curiosity and joy. Download our free activity guides and watch your child thrive as they explore new concepts and skills. It’s the perfect blend of education and entertainment right at home.

Discover the Educational Power of Play

While playtime is a joyful moment for children, it also serves as a golden opportunity for them to acquire new skills in a fun and engaging way. Our preschool reading books, coloring books for kids, and activity books tailored for 3-6-year-olds are crafted to seamlessly blend play with learning.

Understanding Play Based Learning

Renowned expert Dr. Peter Gray emphasizes the profound impact of play on a child’s development. Whether it’s exploring coloring books, engaging with activity books, or unleashing creativity through arts and crafts, each moment contributes to a child’s educational journey. Explore the enlightening video below to comprehend why play-based learning stands as a vital pillar in your child’s educational foundation.

Unlock the World of Creative Learning with Free Printable Crafts

Enhance your child’s motor skills and creativity through the joy of crafting. Our activities, tailored for 3–6-year-olds, go beyond the ordinary—featuring drawing, painting, coloring, and cutting.

Explore imaginative fun with our downloadable face masks! Download and print as many as you like for free. Let your child’s creativity shine as they add vibrant colors. After they finish, cut out their unique creations to wear. It’s a delightful mix of learning and laughter at home.

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