Choosing Baby Names in 2021

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So much goes into being a parent, from the moment you find out you are having a child. Challenges change as your little ones grow, and before you know it, you’ll be trying to decide which Toby Books stories to read with them! Before that though, you have many big moments and challenges that you’ll remember forever. One of them is choosing between the hundreds of baby names.

Names Can Ground You

Shakespeare might have said that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but as a society we tend to set a lot of store by what we are called. Baby names almost seem to show what parents wish for their children, and to reflect what the family’s ideals are.

In a way, this is almost one of the first statements you’ll make about how you want to raise your child. The tradition behind girl and boy names can also create a real sense of heritage and connection. If a little girl is named after her fiercely independent great-grandmother, for instance, she might be influenced to develop a fiery streak of her own.

The important thing to remember here is that – within reason! – there are no right or wrong baby names. Some parents know what they want to call their offspring immediately, others only decide after they’re born so they can spend some time with them and understand their personalities a little.

You might choose to go with something very modern and hipster, or old-fashioned and charming. If the boy or girl name that you choose feels like the right fit to you, then it is. Here at we’ve identified some key naming trends in 2020 to help you make this important decision. Ultimately though, remember to listen to your heart.

Unisex Names

Many traditionally boy names are now also used as girl names, and vice versa. Think Finley, Omari, Dream, Reign, Legacy and Zayn to get an idea of what we mean. Like all the trends on this list, unisex names are heavily influenced by popular culture, especially what celebrities are called or what they christen their kids. For example, Zayn Malik is a popular singer and former member of the band One Direction. Both Kylo and Rey have been incredibly popular since the latest Star Wars movies, much as Leia has been since A New Hope premiered in 1977.

Old-School Monikers

How hipster are you? Are you cool enough to call your baby something really modern, or do you go even further and go the old-fashioned root? Bible names like Martha and Johnathan seem to be making a comeback in 2020, along with other very grown-up options including Barbara and Frank. They’re adorable on your little ones who are trying to be tiny adults, and they’ll grow into them beautifully.

Cities and Locations

Baby names that are inspired by places are also pretty powerful, and something we’re going to see a lot of in 2020. This isn’t really new – think Paris Hilton and Brooklyn Beckham – but the trend is most certainly growing.

If you’re going to be deciding what to call your child in the near future, this is definitely an idea to keep in mind. You could choose a place that has special meaning to you, such as where you grew up, or go with one of the most common options which include Memphis, Cairo, Phoenix, Denver and London.

Whatever you settle on, enjoy this special time with your new arrival and trust that you’ll find the baby names that feel right for your little bundle of joy. Before long, they’ll be old enough for you to read the Toby stories to them, or they will be able to read them by themselves!

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